MicroVide, LLC was formed in 2008 for the purposes of advancing the basic discoveries regarding microdialysis and proteolytic pathways which were made by the principal inventor, founder and program director (PD), Francis G. Spinale.  MicroVide is a start-up venture in the truest sense in that a partnership between the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Foundation for Research Development (FRD) was established in which the full IP license was provided to this venture for the purposes of advancing specific indications of the microdialysis-proteolytic technology forward for clinical application and product development. This technological approach will provide for a real-time, practical approach to measure critical biological pathways or drug levels in patients during a surgical procedure or during delivery of drugs which have a low threshold for side-effects and toxicity. The novelty of this approach is in the simplicity of design in that expensive imaging or sensing systems are not required. Thus, this system is easily transportable and can be used in the operating room, clinic, or in an outpatient basis. The flexibility of the product to measure multiple markers of interest increases the medical market application. These applications include:

  • Cardiac Surgery for Adults and Children
  • Surgical Oncology and Chemotherapy
  • Orthopedic and Osteoarthritic Disease
  • Metabolic Disease including Diabetes
  • Initial Drug Screening and PreClinical Testing


For More Information, Contact:

Francis G. Spinale, MD, PhD

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